Greece is among the countries with the most intense nightlife. Being aware of that bad habit of greeks, bouzoukia owners sale at the clubs wardrobe” cigarettes packages. Located at is a secluded summer club called the transistor, the nightclub opens at 11 pm every day and shuts down at 4 am. If you visit this bar on a friday night, you will see guests drinking, chatting and having a swell time.

Popular weekend nightclub with drag shows, live performances and regular themed parties. People will usually sit on tables (which you have to book beforehand and costs around 90 euros depending on the venue) to watch the singers while consuming alcohol, but there is typically also a bar area. And around 4 in the morning is when guests of bouzoukia reach the so called in greek tsakir kefi, meaning the peak of the night’s entertainment.

Kittaro is a longtime club on archaonon and epierou streets near platia victoria (tel 210-822-4134), look for posters or check athinorama magazine. With the help of your local guide you can explore the nightlife in downtown athens. Another number listed on the club’s website connected to lohan nightclub in athens. Bouzoukia-nightclub could not be the exception to the rule.

A gangland killing occurred an hour after midnight on thursday, in the area of alimos, athens the victim of the crime was the owner of a night club on syngrou avenue. You will feel lightweight and happy when you visit this https://www.glentzes.gr/box-athens-club. The dance club” is the first and only dance community in greece that counts 28,000 active members and 23,000 students in just 6 years of operation.

A fourth single, ” deadbeat club “, which reminisced about the band’s early days in athens and whose video was shot on location and featured a cameo by fellow athens artist r.E.M. ‘s michael stipe , reached no. 30. Cosmic thing climbed into the u.S. Top five and earned multi-platinum certification. There is also a page that introduces you to greek jazz musicians, articles, interviews and everything you need to know about jazz in greece.

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