14 reasons athens, ga is the best college town in america

Greece is a destination known across the world for its vivacious and diverse nightlife; it’s the perfect choice for those who want to have great fun, leaving their cares and problems behind. If you want gay hotels in greece, you should instead explore the lgbt accommodation options in mykonos , including the fabulous elysium gay hotel but for athens, the following hotels are only the most popular with gay travelers can all be relied on for an extraordinary stay, but there are hundreds of other hotels in athens if you don’t find quite what you are looking for.

There are actually many activities: ancient greek tragedy in a theater which dates back to the same period as the play was written; orchestras of international fame playing from beethoven to jazz in one of the most modern music centers in europe; music venues and clubs considered to be unique for their variety and originality.

Afterwards you can hit the bars and clubs in the area like thirio, which has outlived most of the others or walk down ermou street until it ends and keep going until you come to the smokestacks and industrial buildings that tell you that you are in the gazi neighborhood where there are lots of bars, clubs and live music places and plenty of ouzeries and restaurants.

In some languages, βοτανικος live stage are also referred to as “Discos” or “Discothèques” ( german : disko or diskothek (outdated; nowadays: club); french : discothèque; italian , portuguese and spanish : discoteca, antro (common in mexico), and boliche (common in argentina, uruguay and paraguay), discos is commonly used in all others in latinamerica).

Another great bar a few blocks away by the intersection of kolokotroni and limpona streets is called noel and it is one of the best bars I have ever been to. It is actually a small arcade that has been turned into a thrift-shop elegant victorian era restaurant bar, well several bars actually, with beautiful paintings, chandeliers and a young hip clientele, with a few old guys like me thrown in for authenticity.

The 7-times club at 13 maiouli street right by the monastiraki metro station in psiri plays international music, a mix of live and dj. Their house band plays everything from elvis to depeche mode and you can hear anything from rock and roll, to swing, different varieties of jazz, pop, funk, bozza-nova, sixties and even irish music on st patrick’s day.

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